how to
bet on cricket

No experience in betting on cricket online?

You have come to the right place. We will help you and guide you through the steps of setting up a betting account, e-wallet and how to place your first bet on cricket. It’s really a walk in the park

Betting on online cricket

What cricket tournaments can I bet on?
First we need to differentiate between the different formats of cricket. There are in fact plenty.
We are writing an in depth guide on the different major formats that we will share with you as soon as possible. But to summarize the formats are:

Test Cricket

This is the most ancient form of cricket and is played over 5 days. Both teams are able to win, draw and lose the match.

One Day Cricket (ODI)

Become popular in the ‘70s and really revolutionised the game of cricket as we know it. A match is played in one day, with 50 overs for each team.

T20 Cricket

The newest edition to cricket. A match is played in one afternoon or evening with 20 overs for each team.

Choose your online betting site and create a betting account

There is a huge amount of betting sites to choose from out there, but we will try to keep it simple here.

We recommend one of these betting sites:

  • 10CRIC (formerly) Betrally India
  • Betway
  • 1xBet
  • Spin Palace
  • Dafabet

All of the above are great options when you choose how to bet on cricket.

If you are not sure of which to choose then go with 10CRIC or Betway.
A guide on how to bet on 10CRIC and Betway will follow in the box below.

Why  10CRIC or Betway?

We like these two sites thanks to their user-friendly interface, live betting and trustworthiness. They also offer mobile betting which means you can place bets from your phone or tablet. You don’t even need to download an app - just log in and place bets from you browser.

When you are first starting out 10CRIC and Betway are perfect betting sites to start with. When you are ready to take your betting to the next level you can try some of the others out.

Step by step on
how to make betting accounts


Create an account in 4 steps

Step 1
Click here to visit Betway
Betway >>
Step 3
You will be directed to “Create account" page where you start by filling out
Account Information
  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Email
Personal Details
  1. Name and birthdate
  2. Fill out your drivers license number (will help verify account)
Contact Details
  1. Address and mobile phone number
  2. Daily and weekly limits - these are optional and can be changed at a later stage
Step 4
Click "Register"
Congrats - you have now created a brand new online betting account!

Choose a deposit option

The next step is to deposit funds into your new account in order for you to start betting. If you are betting from India we recommend that you use e-wallets rather than debit and credit cards as it varies whether betting sites will accept Indian credit and debit cards.

Below you have a list of deposit options

  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Entropay
  • Astropay
  • ecoPayz
  • Debit card
  • Credit card

Remember that you need to deposit funds before you are able to bet on any games


E-wallets work just like an online bank. You create an account and get an account number. You deposit funds to that account and are able to withdraw from it as well. You then use it to transfer funds to your betting account.

Our recommended e-wallets are the following

  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • ecoPayz
  • Entropay

Step by step on
how to setup deposit options


Create a Neteller account - 6 steps

Step 1
Click here to visit Neteller
Neteller >>
Step 6
You are given a 6-digit Secure ID - write it down
Now that you have setup your deposit option, you can use this account to fund your betting account.
Use a Visa Debit / Credit card or Mastercard and make sure that you are able to do international transfers on it.
The e-wallet will be used to fund your betting account.

Step by step on
How to deposit money at online betting sites

What are odds?

Now that you have created your betting account and put money in it you can start betting with real cash. Available matches can be found under the cricket section.

The betting options will look like this:

The above is the game between Gujarat Lions and Kolkata Knight Riders with the odds being 1.72 for Gujarat Lions and 2.10 for Kolkata Knight. These are the betting odds for this match and each team. We have created a page only dedicated to cricket odds and you will find a summary in the text below.

How betting odds work

In the example above you see the betting odds for the three possible outcomes in a match between Gujarat Lions and Kolkata Knight Riders. You can bet on Gujarat Lions to win or Kolkata Knight Riders to win.

The odds for Gujarat Lions to win is 1.72. This means that if you bet 1,000 rupees on to win, you would receive 1,720 rupees if they manage to beat Kolkata Knight Riders. You get your initial wager of 1,000 rupees back plus your winnings of 720 rupees.

So, you just have to multiply your wager (in this case 1,000 rupees) with the odds (rate) to see how much your potential winnings will be.

If you instead decide to bet 500 rupees on Kolkata Knight Riders to win at the odds of 2.10 you would receive 1,050 rupees if . Of this your winnings would be 550

If the team that you choose to bet on doesn’t manage to win you simply lose the wager that you put in, regardless of the odds that you placed the bet at.

When you believe that you’ve found a winning bet, click on the bet you want to make, fill out the amount and click to confirm. Easy peasy.

Step by step on
How to bet on 10CRIC / BETWAY - and place bets

How to place a bet on 10CRIC

So now that you are familiar with how odds work we think you are ready to place a bet.

Here are our guides

Step 1
First make sure you have chosen how you want the odds to be displayed.

In the upper corner “Odds: Decimal” button can be changed to Fractional, American etc.

We will stick to Decimal.
Step 2
Great stuff! - You have now placed your first bet!


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